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Academic Year Rates

Your housing cost depends on the type of room you choose and your meal plan. The rates listed here are based on a full academic year, which begins in August and ends in May.

Academic Year Rates 2023-2024

ResidenceRoom TypeBathroom TypeRoom CostMeal Plan*Academic Year Total
Chaffee A&BSingleCommunity$6,300$5,446$11,746
Chaffee A&B DoubleCommunity$4,700$5,446$10,146
Chaffee D DoubleSuite$6,700$5,446$12,146

*All traditional age first-year students living on campus are required to have a Weekly Meal Plan for the duration of their first academic year, regardless of their room assignment location.  For the purpose of this web page, the meal plan rate is for the Blue Plan, recommended as it is the best value for students. Meal plan prices shown do not include the 6% sales tax.

Academic Year Rates 2022-2023

ResidenceRoom TypeBathroom TypeRoom CostMeal PlanAcademic Year Total
Chaffee A&BSingleCommunity$5,800$5,166$10,966
Chaffee A&BDoubleCommunity$4,300$5,166$9,466
Chaffee DDoubleSuite$6,200$5,166$11,366


  • Furnished Bedrooms
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Furnished Lounges
  • Wi-Fi
  • C-Store (in-hall convenience store)

Room Dimensions

Please note that room dimensions may vary

A and B SingleA and B DoubleD Wing Double
Bedroom8' x 14'6"14'7" x 10'8"11'4" x 14'6"
Bed Height36"36"36"
Bed Size37.5" x 73"37.5" x 73"37.5" x 73"
Bedroom DrawersN/AN/A7" x 2'4.5" x 1'8"
Cabinets1'1" x 3'10" x 1'2"1'1" x 3'10" x 1'2"2'6" x 2'7" x 1'
Wardrobe24" x 36" x 74"24" x 36" x 74"24" x 36" x 74"
Wardrobe Drawers20" x 32.5" x 7"20" x 32.5" x 7"20" x 32.5" x 7"
Wardrobe Cabinet20" x 34.4" x 52.5"20" x 34.4" x 52.5"20" x 34.4" x 52.5"
Desk 24" x 42.5" x 30"24" x 42.5" x 30"24" x 42.5" x 30"
Desk Drawers (Top 2)19" x 13" x 4.5"19" x 13" x 4.5"19" x 13" x 4.5"
Desk Drawers (Bottom)19" x 13" x 8.5"19" x 13" x 8.5"19" x 13" x 8.5"
Bathroom CabinetN/AN/A15" x 33" x 4"
Shower Curtain HeightN/AN/A6'2" x 3'
Shower SizeN/AN/A3'

Bed heights can be adjusted in this Residence Hall

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First Year Residential Engagement Program

Floor Plans

Please note: Floor plans are intended for illustrative purposes only. There are variations of dimension, layout and amenities within each community.

A & B Wing – Single

Room Type: Single
Room Size: 8′ x 14′ 6″
Bathroom Type: Community

Limited availability – 5% of Chaffee A & B wing

A & B Wing – Double

Room Type: Double
Room Size: 10′ 10″ x 14′ 6″
Bathroom Type: Community

D Wing – Double

Chaffee D floor plan

Room Type: Double
Room Size: 11′ 4″ x 14′ 6″
Bathroom Type: 4 per 1 bathroom

D wing rooms may be temporarily used for overflow housing

Chaffee Hall Location


If you’re bringing a car to campus, you can purchase a parking pass near your residence. Permits can be purchased through Transportation and Parking.

House Rules

  • No smoking
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No pets

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