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Living Learning Program

The Living Learning Program (LLP) is made up of seven unique Living Learning Communities in the residence halls that blend academics and daily life through classes, activities and live-in professors. You’ll get more out of your Boise State experience in the LLP: more adventure, more community, and more learning opportunities.


Get outside of the classroom and into the greater campus and Boise area through programs, field trips, retreats and service projects.


Develop strong friendships with other students and get to know professors better.


Gain access to more resources, lectures, study groups, and mentoring – all of which increase your academic success and prepare you for the future.

Arts and Sciences

Learn more about Arts and Sciences


Learn more about Bronco Fit

Business and Economics

Learn more about Business and Economics

Engineering and Innovation

Learn more about Engineering and Innovation

Health Professions

Learn more about Health Professions

Leadership and Engagement

Learn more about Leadership and Engagement

STEM Education

Learn more about STEM Education