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Review the FAQs below to learn more about how the Living Learning Program offers more adventure, more community and more learning opportunities.

Is there a separate application that needs to be filled out before the housing application to be a part of an LLP?

The Living Learning Community questions are integrated with the Housing Application.

Review these steps for preferencing LLPs. You can prepare your answers to the two short-response questions ahead of time.

When you select your “Community Preferences” on the housing application be sure to include as many of the LLCs you’d like to be considered for.

What are the benefits of being part of a Living Learning Community?

You’ll get more out of your Boise State experience in the LLP: more adventure, more community, and more learning opportunities. Students in the Living Learning Communities get to connect with professors and other first-year students in intentional communities aimed to help first-year students succeed in the university environment.

How and when will I know if I have been accepted into a Living Learning Community?

The Living Learning Program faculty will review your answers to the Living Learning Community-related questions on the housing application and your living requests. If you are accepted, you’ll be assigned into a Living Learning Community and notified of your community assignment before the semester begins. Make sure you are checking your BroncoMail account to stay up to date.

Is there an additional cost to be part of a Living Learning Community?

Yes. There is a $65 per semester program fee that directly covers the costs of your trips with the Living Learning Program. You will not incur additional expenses with LLP-related opportunities. This is quite a deal and we recommend that you plan on participating in as much as you can to fully engage in the experience. See more about the typical Living Learning Community adventures.

Do I take a class when I am part of a Living Learning Community?

Yes. Each Living Learning Community has a 1-credit class that is connected to the theme of the community and taught by the professors. Class for each community is held on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:45 pm. Learn more about the Living Learning Program classes.

Is there anything extra that I will need to do throughout the school year as a part of an LLC?

Students in the Living Learning Communities take a one-credit class on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:45 pm throughout the year; there are also events, programs, and community service opportunities that you will not want to miss out on and are covered as part of the $65 program fee.

If I am selected for a Living Learning Community, do I get to participate in roommate matching?

Yes. If you are assigned to a Living Learning Community you still are able to participate in roommate matching to “match” with another student in your assigned Living Learning Community. You will not be able to match with students who are in other communities.

If you find an additional pair of matched students from within your community that you want to be matched with for a 4-person (or larger) space, you can email housing at with that request. We will need to hear from everyone in the “group” to confirm that everyone wants to live together.

Do I have to live in the residence hall where a Living Learning Community is located or can I participate from another space on campus?

You do need to live within the specific block of rooms in the specified residence hall which is held for each Living Learning Community. You cannot participate in a Living Learning Community and be assigned elsewhere on campus or live off-campus.

If being in a Living Learning Community is my top choice, how should I select my Living Request preferences on the housing application?

We would recommend that you place all of the Living Learning Communities that you are interested in within the top options. You can then put general residence hall preferences in next. This will ensure you are fully considered for a Living Learning Community.

What is it like living with a professor in the community?

Professors within a Living Learning Community – called “Faculty-in-Residence” (FIR) – live in their own designated apartment within the residence hall. They often have a spouse or partner living with them, along with kiddos and pets. In addition to teaching the 1-credit weekly community class, these professors serve as mentors, coaches, and advisors – basically, an additional resource to help support you in your first year of college. The professors also work with the student leadership team to plan activities, adventures, and opportunities to connect on a more casual basis. Learn more about the professors by visiting the community pages and reading their bios.

Do you live with others with the same major?

It depends on the Living Learning Community. Some of the communities are major or career specific, such as the Business and Economics, Engineering and Innovation and Health Professions communities. The To Be Declared community is specifically geared for those students who are unsure of their major or career path and want to explore options. Others are geared towards interests, such as the Adventure Idaho, BroncoFit, Communication & Exploration and Leadership & Engagement communities. See more about each of the Living Learning Communities.

Are halls co-ed? Are suites co-ed?

All of our residence halls are co-ed, however, the suites are single-gendered. We do allow for gender-inclusive housing options. Students in need of additional information regarding gender-inclusive assignment options can reach out to us directly at or (208) 447-1001.

I am on the waitlist. If I apply for the LLC, will I be removed from the waitlist?

If you apply and are assigned to a space in one of the Living Learning Communities you will be removed from the general housing waitlist. The Living Learning Communities are specialized opportunities – we are looking for students who really want to be part of them, not simply looking for a housing space on campus.

I applied for the LLCs but my choices are filled. How do I update my housing application to show that I am interested in other LLCs?

Log into your housing application and edit your “Community Preferences” and add any other LLCs you would like to be considered for.  Be sure to let the LLP staff know you’ve made a change by emailing us at!

I have the Living Learning Communities on my Community Preferences but lower down on the list. Does it matter if I change where they are in my preferences?

Updating your application to be part of an LLC does not change your spot on the waitlist, but because we have an additional application process, not all students are qualified.  Moving your LLC choices higher up in your Community Preferences actually increases your chance of getting assigned a space. Just let LLP staff know you’ve made a change by emailing us at!