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To Be Declared

Many students feel pressure to have it all figured out by the first day of college: major selected, career decided, future planned out. But these are huge life decisions and they can take time.

Don’t have it quite figured out yet? You are not alone. In the To Be Declared Living Learning Community (TBD LLC), you can take the time you need to find your way within a community of like-minded individuals, exploring the many major and career opportunities at your disposal. Dedicate your first year to discovering your interests and passions and connecting them to your academic success and career planning.

Located in Taylor Hall

Why You Should Apply

This community is for students who know college is the next step in their journey but need more time and support to select a major.

Preparing for college can be stressful, and making long-term decisions during this time can be difficult. The TBD LLC offers you a community to learn, experience, explore and discover interest areas, campus resources and personal strengths.

You will find success through opportunities tailored to you and your journey.

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Community Events

This is your community and journey, so much of the programming will be based on your interests and needs. We will have activities dedicated to major exploration, community, civic engagement and discovering success at Boise State. The TBD LLC will have community events to collectively explore and engage in conversation focused on topics relevant to you.

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The TBD LLC is all about discovery, whether it be discovering your personal interests, major(s), careers, community, or campus. As the student, you’ll play a key role in the class and larger community as we explore your interests and career goals. Throughout the course, staple community activities will also be connected to our course curriculum to give opportunities for reflection.

Overall, our curriculum emphasizes exploration and academic planning in the first semester and relationship-building in the second semester. Every student will leave the TBD LLC with a personal definition of success, a clear plan and a network of support.

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