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Adventures with the Living Learning Program

No matter which community you choose from, you will have amazing experiences in the classroom, and through the greater campus and the Boise area. Boise offers many chances to take in the great outdoors, including chances to explore Downtown Boise.

Many of the individual Living Learning Communities like to head up to McCall for a weekend getaway to bond, raft down the Payette for a day of fun, or even camp out somewhere in Idaho. Service to our on-campus and local community often go hand-in-hand with adventures individual communities take such as participating in Rake-Up Boise, helping with STEM education at local elementary schools, or staffing the calling center at our local PBS station during a fundraiser.

Your $65 per semester program fee directly covers the costs of your trips with the Living Learning Program. You will not incur additional expenses with LLP-related opportunities. This is quite a deal and we recommend that you plan on participating in as much as you can to fully engage in the experience.

On-Campus Adventures: All LLP Events on Tuesday Evening

Held on Tuesdays around 6:45 p.m. are All-LLP Events where all of the individual Living Learning Communities participate in a fun event together. This is a chance to develop even stronger friendships and get to know your instructors better. These events tie into the LLP Cup Challenge and offer even more of a first year experience on campus.

All-LLP Events are different from year to year and based on student input and interest. We have held S’more Games night where we played games and had campfires in the quad, a cook-off with Living Learning Communities competing for the best entrée, and our version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos to get our communities working as a team.