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About the Supervisor Survey

About the Supervisor Survey

In order to gain a pulse on how university employees are engaged and satisfied with their supervisors, Human Resources developed and delivered the 2022 Supervisor Survey in February 2022. The goal of this survey was to gather valuable feedback on employee satisfaction and engagement within the workplace as it relates to the employee-supervisor relationship.

The statements are action-based on best practices and aligned with the People Strategy’s eight foundational principles to provide employees with a well-rounded, thriving experience. The eight principles are the employee experience; strong leadership; a focus on employee engagement; prioritizing learning & development; advancement opportunities; providing an inclusive environment; employee feedback; and health & wellbeing.

Analyzing Survey Results

These university-wide survey results will be reviewed with the university president, administrative council and communicated to campus employees through university news and the HR website. Following this communication, the human resources team will meet individually with the leader of each division to analyze their own division’s results. After leaders review and analyze results, they will partner with the human resources team to devise an accountable action plan that will bring support and training to university supervisors.

Supervisor Training and Development

Human resources is actively engaged in developing a supervisor’s training program, designed specifically for the university. This training will be released campuswide in quarter one of 2023. Current resources, that can be used immediately to support supervisors and employees, are available on page 14 of the 2022 Supervisor Survey Report.