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Inclusive Environment

Health and Wellbeing*

Everyone should feel respected and valued in the workplace, as well as acknowledged and accepted. Strong collaboration and input from all team members put us on the path to a culture of innovation. Awareness and support for both physical and mental health contribute to employee performance and growth; it also creates a culture that functions at full potential.

Inclusive Environment Graph, Supervisor Survey
Graph – Supervisor Survey, Inclusive Environment, Health and Wellbeing
  • 64 percent of employees believe that, generally, their workload is reasonable for their role
  • 80 percent of employees feel supported by their supervisor
  • 72 percent of employees feel valued in their job
  • 84 percent of employees feel their supervisor recognizes the importance of their personal and family life
  • 84 percent of employees feel their supervisor cares about them as a person

*Providing an Inclusive Environment and Health & Well Being are closely aligned, so these two sections of the People Strategy results were combined. These may be separated in future surveys.