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Learning and Development

Advancement Opportunities*

Enhancing the skills and knowledge of employees contributes to their overall experience. Providing and encouraging training and development for employees to improve or teach new skills is a cornerstone of our people strategy culture. Career growth and a strong leadership pipeline are crucial to retaining quality employees for the long term. We want employees to envision themselves with a future at Boise State.

Graph, Supervisor Survey - Learning, Development, Advancement
Supervisor Survey Graph – Learning, Development, Advancement
    • 68 percent of employees feel they receive sufficient learning opportunities in their job
    • 38 percent of employees know what steps they need to take in order to move up in the organization in the next year
    • 57 percent of employees feel they have supervisors who discuss their future within Boise State

* Learning & development and advancement opportunities are closely aligned, so these two sections of the People Strategy results were combined. These may be separated in future surveys.