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The Employee Experience

The Employee Experience is built around the three primary workplace experiences that all employees share, from recruitment to exit:

  • a welcome experience: recruitment through positive onboarding
  • a growth experience: includes projects and policies that touch on employee satisfaction, and supporting employee development, participation and wellbeing
  • a farewell experience: providing an employee leaving the university with an exit that honors their time at Boise State
Graph - Employee Experience Survey Results
Graph with survey results of the employee experience
  • 75 percent of employees feel their performance is fairly evaluated
  • 74 percent of employees feel their supervisor creates a trusting and open environment
  • 73 percent of employees feel they have a sense of connection with their supervisor
  • 81 percent of employees know what they need to do to be successful in their jobs
  • 72 percent of employees feel their day-to-day responsibilities are clearly defined