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Benefits, PERSI, and ACA Eligibility

Requirements and Triggers

Boise State Benefits

All Benefits Offered Through Boise State and the State of Idaho

  • Employee that works 20 or more hours each week, for 5 or more consecutive months
  • Cannot offer benefits retroactive
  • Benefits would begin on the first of the month after the employee qualifies

PERSI Eligibility

PERSI has two (2) triggers –   Based on Hours and Weeks

  • A non-benefit, hourly employee that works 20 or more hours over half the weeks in a rolling 22 week period, and
  • has worked 5 months of employment would qualify for the PERSI benefits.

Once the employee becomes PERSI eligible, both the employee and the department are required to make contributions retroactive to the date the employee started working the hours that made them eligible.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

  • An employee working an average of 30 or more hours per week over the look-back Standard Measurement Period. Benefit includes health insurance only.
  • A returning employee with a break in service of less than 26 weeks will be considered as “continuing employee” and fall back into their previous measurement period.  Boise State is obligated to offer “minimal essential coverage” to rehired continuing employees that qualify.
  • At the end of the next look-back period if the employee doesn’t qualify (work 30+ hours per week average), their insurance coverage stops.

Temporary to Regular

  • Temporary appointments are limited to 1,385 hours of work in any 12-month period.
  • Project-exempt appointments shall be limited to the length of the project grant or 24 months or 4,160 hours, whichever is shorter.
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