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Life Events

If you experience a qualifying life event change, you will be given the opportunity to make changes to your current benefit elections. This impacts your ability to make changes in your flexible spending account elections, as well as your health insurance coverage.

Examples of life event changes include:

  • Change in spouse’s or dependent’s coverage or eligibility for coverage under another health plan
  • Change in family status that results in an increase or decrease in the number of eligible family members
    • Marriage, divorce, annulment, legal separation
    • Birth, adoption, acquiring foster child or stepchild, issuance of court order requiring employee to provide coverage for child
    • Death of spouse or dependent
  • Change in employee’s employment status that could result in entitlement to coverage
    • Return to pay status from non-pay status
    • Change in employee’s employment status that could affect cost of premiums (ex. half-time to full-time)
  • Employee becomes entitled to Medicare and wants to change to another plan or option

If one of these changes occur, please contact a Human Resource Services benefits representative at 426-1616.

Time Sensitive

Life event changes are extremely time sensitive – please act quickly.  For the birth or adoption of a child, you have 60 days from the event date to add the child to your plan retroactive to the date of birth or adoption.  For all other life-event changes, you generally have 30 daysto make any changes to the plan, although the State currently allows prospective changes in health insurance coverage as of the first of the next month, upon receipt of the enrollment change form before the end of the month. Changes in medical plan elections from one plan to another are only allowed during the annual open enrollment period.

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