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HR Presents Career Growth Services

Boise State Human Resources is excited to announce our next step in ensuring successful employee experiences at Boise State.

HR Career Growth Services will empower employees with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to create a successful career path, including:

  • Career Planning: Guiding our employees through developing their career strategy and providing access to a variety of tools and resources they need to accomplish their career objectives. This includes building a network, identifying mentors, and creating strategies to navigate higher education culture.
  • Career Awareness: Helping employees identify skill sets, strengths, communication and work styles, and purpose in their work life. This will facilitate employee exploration of opportunities for advancement in their current career track or shifting their career to align with personal career development goals. 
  • Career Resources: Providing employees with self-assessment instruments, activities, development opportunities, and leadership skills that will direct employees toward accomplishing their individual career goals.
  • Personal, Leadership, and Retirement Coaching: These free and confidential coaching sessions are designed to assist employees at any career stage in achieving their personal and professional career development goals at Boise State.

To sign up for a session, please complete this Coaching Services Google Form to help us better understand what services you are seeking. 

Career Growth Services will be led by Jerri Mizrahi, Leadership, Career, and Personal Success Coach at Boise State Human Resources. Jerri served as an organizational development and learning development consultant for over 30 years before joining the field of coaching in 2003. She specializes in communication, strategic planning, organizational development, change management, succession planning, leadership development, and consultations. Her personal mission is to partner with others as they find their way on life’s journey and work with individuals and teams to create healthy relationships that promote mutual success.

Visit our HR Career Growth Services website or contact Jerri Mizrahi at for more information.