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Managing Pay Within Grade Tool

link to Managing Pay Within Grade Tool in pdf

Expanded Responsibilities Guidance

Minimal or No Difference
  • A change in how work is done of the tools used (e.g., automating manual processes, switching to different software package)

  • May require training to learn new software or methods, but it does not change the purpose of overall accountabilities of the job

  • Work remains in the same unit, with little or no changes to authority or budget controls

  • Additional steps or tasks that are similar to current responsibilities

  • Same types of decisions made, with the same consequence of errors

  • No additional risk
Slightly Noticeable Difference
  • Additional competencies or skills are required to successfully perform the work (e.g. courses or training series, but not necessarily leading to a degree or certificate)

  • Additional supervision of employees performing similar work in the same unit

  • Slight addition to decision making responsibility, with increased consequence of error and risk

  • Broader scope of communication, perhaps outside of unit
Moderately Noticeable Difference
  • Completion of specialized certification or licensure related to position responsibilities required

  • Draw on greater amount of professional experience that requires increased complexity of problems encountered in the course of work

  • Increase in breadth of responsibility (e.g. from Unit to University wide)

  • Expanded budget authority or resources

  • Additional supervision of employees performing different work, or in a different unit increased autonomy and independence in position

  • Accountable for communicating metrics and result to higher levels
Significantly Noticeable
  • Completion of an advanced degree (Masters or higher); or extensive training course (e.g. FBI Academy or SPHR)

  • Responsibility for compliance and implementation of new State and/or Federal Regulations

  • Additional supervision or oversight of another unit

  • Significant increase of spending authority or discretion, or additional funding sources

  • Increased responsibility to set policy for unit, department, or university

  • Authority to grant exceptions to policy

Employee Contribution Guidance

Entry Level Skills and Experience
  • Meets minimum qualifications of job; however may be fairly new to job and field, has little or no direct, related prior experience

  • On steep learning curve, building both skills and knowledge as well as ability to handle job responsibilities
Intermediate Skills and Experience
  • Performs (or has demonstrated capability to perform based on prior experience) some/most job responsibilities with increasing effectiveness

  • Possesses the basic knowledge and skill requirements, but may need to build experience

Advanced Skills and Experience
  • Performs (or has demonstrated capability to perform based on prior experience) all aspects of job effectively and independently

  • Experienced in the job and possesses required knowledge and skills

  • Consistently exhibits desired competencies to perform job successfully

  • Seasoned and proficient professional
Expert Skills and Experience
  • Expert (or has demonstrated capability to perform as expert based on prior experience) in all job criteria

  • Has broad and deep knowledge of own area as well as related areas

  • Depth and breadth of experience, specialized skills, perspectives add significant value to institution

  • Serves as expert resource and/or mentor to others
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