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Organizational Chart

HR Organizational Chart (Google Doc)

Human Resources and Workforce Strategy

Bill Brady, Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Brian Ray, Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer, Talent
  • Agnes Stepek, Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer, HR Operations
  • Aubri Fitzpatrick, HR Finance and Administration Manager

HR Talent Team

Talent Acquisition

Jordy LePiane, Senior Director Talent Acquisition

  • Adam Cuneo, Recruiter
  • Kristen Martin, Faculty Recruiter
  • Izzy Stoddard, Workforce Equity Coordinator
Talent Acquisition Operations

Chris Uria, Assistant Director Talent Acquisition

  • Adnan Mastalic, Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Andrea Burton, Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Jakob Flores, Talent Acquisition, Associate
  • Lauren Lloyd, Talent Acquisition Associate
  • Olivia Matheu, HR Associate

Employee Relations

Kimberlee Hall, Employee Relations Director

  • Tiffany Widman, Employee Relations Specialist, Senior
  • Vanessa Delgado, Employee Relations Specialist
  • Marusya Stoyanova, FMLA Specialist
  • Samantha Allen, Employee Relations Assistant

Workplace Learning & Development

Kip Spittle, Learning & Development Director

  • Keith Quatraro, Training and Organizational Development Specialist, Sr.
  • Rachel Fischer, Learning & Development Trainer, Associate

Employee Communications & Engagement

Melissa Jensen, Employee Communications & Engagement Director

  • David Silva, Multimedia Associate
  • Avery Hall, Orientation and Engagement Coordinator

HR Operations Team

Compensation and Data Analytics

Phil Ramey, Compensation and Data Analytics Director

  • Mindy Diehl, Compensation Analyst
  • Doug Garcia, Compensation Analyst
  • Hannah Barnes, Data Reporting Analyst
  • Vacant, Data Reporting Analyst

Payroll, Benefits, Processing and Finance

Crystal Pidjeon, Payroll & Benefits Senior Director

  • Kendall Nichols, Program Information Coordinator
  • Vacant, Personnel Records Coordinator
Benefits and Administration

Karen Drew, Benefits Assistant Director

  • Camile Mick, Retirement Specialist, Senior
  • Rhonda Holland, Employee Benefits Specialist
  • Michelle Estrada, Benefits Specialist
  • Courtney Pacholke, Programs/Process Coordinator
Administration Team
  • Shannon Smith, HR Associate
  • Vacant, HR Associate
  • Student & Temporary Employees

Vacant, Payroll Assistant Director

  • Rex Hadley, Programs and Process Coordinator
  • David Eakin, Payroll Technician 3
  • Carrie Matheson, HR Programs and Process Coordinator
  • Paul Gephart, Payroll Technician 3
  • Nicholas Rosenberg, Payroll Technician 3
  • Tashua McCall, Payroll Accountant

Cecilia Garcia, HR Processing Manager Assistant Director

  • Julie Roossien, Program and Process Information Coordinator
  • Lizzy Hemphill, Personnel Technician 3
  • Rae Cooper, Personnel Technician 3
  • Kameron Kuchenbecker, Personnel Technician 3
  • Miranda Mortensen, Personnel Technician 3
  • Mimi Godoy, Personnel Technician 3

Regan Walker, Senior Accountant

  • Cat Miller, Payroll Accountant
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