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Employee Development Release Time

Boise State offers four hours per month release time to benefit-eligible employees to participate in development and training activities during normal business hours.  Some workshops may be more or less than four hours, use it as a guideline.  The goal is to manage workloads while integrating development.

Development Release Time Request Form

Development release time opportunities may include:

  • Webinars
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Certifications and school work
  • Inter-department development sessions
  • Job shadowing

Development release time guidance

  • There are many free and low cost development offerings both on and off campus (see list below).
  • Activities and timing of release are subject to the discretion of supervisor approval.
  • A review of the employee’s usage of development release time should occur annually with the supervisor.
  • Monthly allocated time may include mandatory department training.
  • Employees and supervisors should work together on a professional development plan each year, using the Individual Development Plan (IDP) Form.
  • Development release time should not interfere with the business needs of the department — this should benefit the growth of the employee, the department and the university.
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