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Accommodations at Boise State

We understand the value of all team members and appreciate the unique capabilities and contributions they bring to our organization. Boise State University is committed to the health, safety, well-being, and success of its employees with medical conditions and disabilities.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Our process complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and related governmental regulations pertaining to accommodating individuals with disabilities and providing medical leaves of absences. Boise State is dedicated to providing employees with medical conditions and disabilities the opportunity to be successful in their careers.

Request for Reasonable Accommodations

Our commitment is to seek successful solutions and reasonable accommodations to help team members having difficulty performing their job duties due to a medical condition to be successful. If a reasonable accommodation is needed, our dedicated team of Human Resources professionals can help you get the process started.

Any qualified individual employed at Boise State University with a disability who needs assistance with reasonable accommodations must complete a Request for Reasonable Accommodation.

More Information

For more information; Policy 7570 Accommodating Disabilities in the Work Environment.