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Boise State Telecommuting

Boise State University considers Telecommuting to be a viable, flexible work option that can improve performance, increase employee retention, and reduce commuting and departmental costs. Telecommuting may be appropriate for some employees and positions but not for others. Telecommuting includes, but is not limited to: working away from campus for a short-term project; or a formal set schedule of working away from campus. Telecommuting does not include flextime, responding to emails/messages from home, or occasional out-of-office work assignments.

Departments hiring new employees or renewing existing appointments for telecommuters are encouraged to incorporate the procedural information in their recruitment materials and discussions with the selected candidate prior to appointment. Departments should advise Employment Services of their telecommute plans to ensure thorough communication and collaboration.


Telecommute agreements do not exceed one year. A new telecommute request needs to be submitted annually or at any time there is a change in the agreement. Employees must notify anytime their work address changes.

Supervisors and Employees need to review the telecommuting guidelines within the Telecommute Agreement, they can be found in the Telecommute Policy.

Working Outside the State of Idaho

There may be specific tax, unemployment and workers compensation compliance issues related to the employment of individuals who reside and who regularly work for the University outside the State of Idaho. Out of state employees are not covered by State of Idaho workers compensation and unemployment insurance policies. Additional expense incurred to cover out of state employees will be charged to the departments where they work. Click here to submit a Telecommute Request form.

Working Remotely in Idaho

If you are working remotely in the state of Idaho, a form must be submitted annually as well. Click here to submit a Telecommute Request form.