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Faculty Early Start Guide

The guidelines and process for faculty members who begin employment before the upcoming fiscal year’s faculty contract start date are as follows:

  • Once a faculty member is hired and issued an annual contract for the upcoming academic year, the hiring department may submit a Perceptive Form through Bronco Hub to change the faculty member to an earlier start date (before 7/24/22 for the upcoming academic year).
  • The early start is an extension of their 9-month contract, no vacation will be accrued.
  • The new faculty member’s PCN will not be changed.
  • The new faculty member will be considered benefit-eligible earlier with the new start date.
  • The new faculty member will be paid at the FY23 actual or earned rate for this early start period. The FY23 actual or earned rate is the faculty member’s hourly rate if their annual salary is condensed to their 9-, 10-, or 11- month contract timeframe. See example below.
  • Beginning 7/24/2022, when the FY23 contract period begins, the pay is spread over 12 months. The faculty member will be then paid at the spread pay rate, which is lower than the actual/earned and he/she will see a reduction in their biweekly paycheck. The department or Dean will need to explain this to the faculty member.
  • No contract will be issued covering the early start period. Instead, the department will complete a Faculty Early Start Agreement for the current fiscal year, to be signed by the employee and Dean.


  • Access Bronco Hub – Perceptive Form – Change in Assignment Hire Date
  • New Assignment Hire Date: Start date of Early Start
  • Comment Box – Add the following information:
    • Note: Faculty Early Start, changing the hire date
    • Include Work Dates: The start date of Early Start through 7/23/22, unless ending earlier
    • Include The Earned Rate (see below example), you may include the total amount you wish to pay, HR will help with this calculation if needed.
  • Attach the signed FESA.

* FY 2023 Faculty Contract Dates are 7/24/22 – 7/22/23

Example: A faculty member is hired with a 9-month contract and a $45,000 annual salary.

 Early StartAnnual Contract
Dates5/18/22 - 7/23/227/24/22 – 7/22/23
Rate of PayEarned Rate: $45,000 / 1,560 (working hours in 9-month contract) = $28.85 hourly rateSpread Rate: $45,000 / 2080 = $21.64 hourly rate
Bi-Weekly Pay$28.85 * 80 hours = $2,308.00 gross pay$21.64 * 80 hours = $1,731.20 gross pay