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Probation Period

Every entry or initial appointment and promotion to a classified position shall be probationary. The probationary period serves as a working test period to provide the agency an opportunity to evaluate a probationary employee’s work performance and suitability for the position.

The probationary period also provides you the opportunity to determine how well you like the position and the University. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the required knowledge, competencies and results necessary to be successful in the position.

A probation period may be extended for up to an additional 6 months (1,040 hours) period of time. An employee who does not meet expectation during the probationary period may be terminated with cause. However, an employee will first be given the opportunity to resign without prejudice. An employee who fails to resign may be terminated without cause assigned and without the right to file for problem-solving or an appeal. (Ref. Section 67- 5309(j), Idaho Code, and Subsection 210.04)