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Narrow the Candidate Pool

  • The PageUp system will automatically screen all applicants for minimum qualifications.
  • For professional and faculty applicant pools, veterans preference candidates will be indicated by a bluebell icon next to their name. If the veteran candidate is equally qualified to other candidates selected for interviews, they must be offered an interview.
  • Additionally if there is a veteran candidate with similar qualifications to those selected for the initial interview group, we strongly encourage you to add the veteran candidate to the initial interview pool. This is a recommendation to best align our hiring processes with Boise State’s affirmative action goals and Idaho’s Veteran’s Preference Policy.
  • Prior to scheduling interviews, select interview questions from the approved bank (see below). If you want to add additional questions, please submit them to your Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  • You will be notified when you can begin scheduling interviews (job aid below).

Look below for special instructions on special hiring groups, resources and hear from our Welcome Team about new candidate communications!

We Are Here For You

Resources to Get You Started

The Talent Acquisition Team has your back when it comes to attracting and recruiting top talent. Here are some resources to get you ready for the interview.

Selecting Candidates To Be Interviewed - Job Aid

View in Google Doc

Create an Interviewing Event - Job Aid

View in Google Doc

Send Invitations for Event - Job Aid

View in Google Doc

Special Instructions

Classified Employee

You will be notified by your Talent Acquisition Specialist when all Classified applications have been processed and are available for review. Please review the considerations below for the following candidate types when selecting candidates to interview:

  • Layoff candidates must be offered an interview. Your Talent Acquisition Specialist will inform you if your applicant pool contains a Layoff candidate.
  • Applicants with a two-blue-bell icon in PageUp are double-diamond (DD) veteran candidates and must be offered an interview.
  • Applicants with a single blue bell icon are single diamond (D) candidates and it is encouraged to offer these candidates an interview.

You may begin scheduling interviews for your selected candidates immediately after they are identified.

Temporary Employee

Contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist for assistance with temporary employees.

Student Employee

Distribute Conducting a Lawful Employment Interview to all individuals involved in the interview process. This is REQUIRED prior to screening or interviewing any applicant.

If you would like interview question examples, Click Here to access the Guide to Interview Questions.

Skill Based Exams

Skill based exams are available for further screening of applicants. Contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist for more information.

The Boise State Way of Hiring

THE Candidate EXPERIENCE: Communication

At Boise State HR it is our mission to create an engaged environment driven by our people strategy.  We have a deliberate focus on an inclusive work culture where everyone is valued and one’s daily work has meaning and fulfillment. It’s our goal to recruit and retain top talent! Hear from our Talent Acquisition Team about our welcome experience.