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Marketing Tips and Tricks

Advertising Best Practices

When listing your new position you want to make sure you sell not only the job but your department and team. The welcome team is here to help with some Marketing Tips and Tricks. (We are developing this page, check back often as new content is being added weekly).

Advertising Buzz Words

Culture Attributes

Make your advertisement stand out and be clear with your candidates about what you are looking for. Team Player means a lot of things to a lot of people. You can narrow your candidate pool just with the job description, by taking the time to express what kind of team your candidates can expect to work with and some of the qualities you are looking for in a new hire.

These are words that describe things outside of skills and knowledge that we want to add to our teams. Feel free to use these sentences (or make them your own) when building out your job advertisements.

Analytical Thinking

  • We are looking for an individual with the right combination of analytical and interpersonal skills to join our team.
  • We need someone who thinks deep and broad.
  • Do you enjoy puzzles? We want someone who can see the big picture after analyzing all the small working parts.

Conflict Management

  • Do you enjoy working through complex problems with multiple viewpoints?
  • Can you navigate differing opinions and handle hard conversations with grace?
  • We are looking for someone who creates a safe space for others, who is adept at creating harmony.

Detailed Oriented

  • do the details matter to you? We are looking for someone who enjoys making sure all the pieces are put together, just right.
  • We need someone who enjoys double-checking to make sure none of the finer details are missed.
  • Join a team that appreciates not only the big picture but the small details. We are looking for someone who can help us with their attention and focus.

Diversity and Inclusion Focused

  • Are you good at making sure everyone has a voice? We are looking for someone who is committed to hearing all points of view.
  • Do you believe everyone deserves a seat at the table? We want a teammate that values everyone for their contributions.
  • Our team is committed to the recruitment, hiring, and retainment of a diverse workforce.

High Energy

  • Do you like to be busy? We are looking for someone who enjoys a high pace environment.
  • We need someone to keep pace with our highly productive team.
  • We are looking for someone who is energized by challenges, an all hands on deck person for a  rapid pace team.


  • Boise State is seeking a visionary leader to take on campus-wide initiatives with a plan and passion.
  • Do you lead with compassion and promote high trust in those who follow you? We are looking for a leader of people.
  • We need someone who can lead a team, and take a long term goal and break it into actionable work plans.

Manage Competing Deadlines

  • Things move fast, deadlines close in faster here at Boise State. Are you energized by competing deadlines?
  • We want someone who can juggle tasks and deadlines with grace, ease and compassion for their teammates.
  • We are looking for someone who enjoys organizing chaos and enjoys the challenge of working many projects at once.

Teaching Skills

  • We are seeking faculty members committed to teaching and student engagement.
  • Are you drawn to the advancement of others? Join us in our efforts to provide our students with an exceptional educational experience.
  • We are looking for an educator who enjoys developing minds and hearts with passion and grace.

Team Player/Collaboration

  • Join a team that supports collaborative and innovative thinking.
  • Be part of a group where the work is exciting and challenging, where everyone is needed to do their part.
  • Does working with a team excite you? We are looking for someone who knows how to jump in, brainstorm and get to work!

Time Management Skills

  • Do you organize your work well and handle deadlines with ease? We are looking for someone whose makes being timely a priority.
  • With competing initiatives, do you manage your time well? We want you on our team to help us keep the trains running on time.
  • Join a team that drives towards hard deadlines. We are looking for someone who can keep pace and help us make our projects land on time.

Written and Verbal Communication

  • Are you an outstanding writer and speaker? Join a team that is in need of your expertise.
  • We are looking for someone who is skilled at crafting and articulating messages.
  • Do you enjoy a good conversation? Our team is in need of a person who will help us elevate our mission and vision with our campus partners.

Additional Resources

Brand Narratives (From Comm & Marketing Website)

  • We never stop. We are relentless, tenacious and informative.
  • We seek today’s answers and tomorrow’s questions. We are creative, inquisitive and adventurous.
  • Our focus is students. We are distinctive, nimble and responsive.
  • Our trajectory is unrivaled, our outlook is unlimited.
  • We envision new connections between the university and the region we serve every day.
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