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HR Employee Analytics Dashboard

The Employee Analytics dashboard presents data on employee demographics at Boise State University including employee type, gender, ethnicity, generation, and continuous years of service. This dashboard reflects employees that were active at the start of the month. Human Resources will refresh the dashboard with new data at the start of each month.

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Navigating the Dashboard

For tips on navigating the Tableau Dashboard with your keyboard, see Keyboard Accessibility for Tableau on the Web. Screen reader users: please see the Table Data View section following the Tableau dashboard frame for an accessible alternative of the data.

HR Employee Analytics Dashboard

Table Data View

Data updated September 2, 2022

Headcount by Employee Type

Student EmployeesProfessionalTemporaryFacultyClassified

Gender Breakdown


Ethnicity Breakdown

American Indian or Alaska Native27
Black or African American420
Hispanic or Latino43204
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander16
Not disclosed1529
Two or more races1174

Generations Breakdown

Traditionalist 1928- 194444
Baby Boomer 1945- 1963200305
Gen X 1964- 1979454675
Millennial 1980- 2000207984
Gen Z 2001-202006

Continuous Years of Service

Continuous Years of ServiceClassifiedFacultyProfessional
<5 Years262214592
5 to 10 Years99208366
10 to 20 Years95266351
20 to 30 Years37162147
30+ Years61518

Employee Count Over Time

September 20214828471347
October 20214958461361
November 20215008461370
December 20215078481388
January 20225038491391
February 20225038501399
March 20224968441424
April 20224908411422
May 20224988421423
June 20224968441434
July 20224938411440
August 20224988611478
September 20224998651474

Applications Over Time

September 202150116637
October 202145350452
November 202146439348
December 202139528431
January 202258119726
February 202236317932
March 202271013553
April 20224758833
May 20227476620
June 202277786128
July 202284113119
August 202288610342