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Direct Deposit

What is a Direct Deposit?

Employees can authorize Boise State to directly wire their paycheck to their specified bank using a checking or savings account. They can also separate their paycheck by amounts or a certain percentage to be deposited in different accounts.

Benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Peace of Mind – No worries about mail delays or having a check lost or stolen.
  • Prompt Payment – Depending on your bank/credit union your paycheck funds can be deposited a few days earlier than payday Fridays.
  • Convenience – No special trips to pick up your paycheck and then having to go deposit your paycheck.
  • Freedom – Payments are automatically deposited into your account, even if you are traveling, on vacation, or ill.

How can I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit can be set up online in Bronco Hub by the employee. If an employee has not set up a direct deposit, view a job aid that provides step-by-step instructions on how to create/edit/change a direct deposit in Bronco Hub.

Add, Update, or View Direct Deposit Information

Employees will need an Account Number and Routing Number as mentioned by the bank to set up direct deposit. If these numbers are not correct then the electronic deposit will be rejected. As soon as it is rejected our Payroll Team will contact you and will assist in getting your direct deposit corrected, processed and deposited.

Having problems entering or editing your Direct Deposit?

Employees experiencing trouble entering a direct deposit may submit a ServiceNow Ticket for Payroll Team assistance.

ServiceNow Ticket Request