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Disclosure Notices

  • An employee who consents to receiving his/her W-2 Form electronically will not receive a paper copy of their W-2. If an employee does not consent, he/she will continue to receive a paper copy of their W-2.
  • The provision of an employee’s W-2 Form by electronic format will cease October 31 of the year following the individual’s termination of employment with Boise State University.
  • The employee may continue to make any personal/employment information changes as needed through Bronco Hub.
  • All employees should be aware that the W-2 Form, even when provided electronically, must be attached to their annual tax return, usually the Form 1040. If the W-2 is provided electronically, the employee should print enough W-2 copies and attach them to his/her respective tax return documents.
  • Bronco Hub and the employee’s W-2 may be accessed by any computer that provides login access to employees. The W-2 statements will remain on Bronco Hub for at least 6 years.