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Time and Labor How To Resources


Payroll Due Dates Google Calendar (Add-on for Reminders)

Employee Time Entry– due Mondays


  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr / Idaho Human Rights Day
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Thanksgiving and the Day After Thanksgiving

Time & Leave Entry Instructions for Holidays and Closures.

Additional Resources

NOTE: As of December 2020, former employees must request W-2 tax and/or paystub information through Human Resource Services

W2 and Paystub Request

Supervisor Approval – due Tuesdays

Accessing your EmployeesAccess all of your employees or sub-groups (pdf)
Approving Time and Leave Hours (pdf)
Report Time & Making ChangesReport time for your employee or correct hours submitted (pdf)
Supervisor/Manager Self Service – Employee Info
View TimeSee if time has already been approved or time that has been submitted before (pdf)

Business Manager Self Service
Payroll Training Classes
Time Sheet (paper) & Time Reporting Codes (xlsx)

Comp (Compensatory) Time

Comp time earned July 1 through December 31 and not used by June 30 or last pay period of the Fiscal Year, will be paid in the first paycheck in July. Comp time earned January 1 through June 30 and not used by December 31 or last pay period of the calendar year, will be paid in the first paycheck in January.

How does Comp Time Pay Off work?

In general, compensatory (comp) time earned in the first six months of the year, if not used in the second six months of the year, is paid out in the first check of January. This cycle repeats every six months with pay outs in January and July.

Comp Time EarnedComp Time Used ByComp Time Payout
12/16/18 – 6/15/1912/14/191/10/20
6/16/19 - 12/14/196/13/207/10/20
12/15/19 - 6/13/2012/12/201/8/20

Vacation Leave Accruals

Refer to Boise State University Policy 7620.

Leave PlanYears Employed*Hours Accrued Per Pay Period**Rate % Accrued Per HourMaximum***
A0-5 years3.7 hours0.04615192 hours
B5-10 years4.6 hours0.05769240 hours
C10-15 years5.5 hours0.06923288 hours
D15+ years6.5 hours0.08077336 hours
Leave PlanYears EmployedHours Accrued Per Pay Period**Rate % Accrued Per HourMaximum***
Xn/a7.40.09240240 hours

*Based on 40 hours per week Credited State Service hours or 2080 hours per year
** Pay period is based on 80 hours worked. Vacation accrual will be prorated if fewer hours worked, rate % accrued per hour will be used.
*** Hours accrued beyond the maximum will be lost.

Trouble Shooting

You get the error message, “Not an Active Time Reporter”This occurs when your job start date is not the Sunday of the beginning of a pay period. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
In Time & Labor

  • Change the View By: drop down to Week

  • Change the Date to (your start date)

  • Click Refresh

If the boxes still don’t open up, call payroll at 426-4440
The boxes are grey and won’t let you enter time
Can’t see your employee’s time sheet

  • Make sure the employee submitted time. You will only see employees that have entered their hours.

  • It may have been approved by your supervisor. Your supervisor can see their direct reports (you) and your direct reports (your employees), sometimes they approve all by mistake.

You can look at Report Time and View Time to see if the employee reported and if and who approved the time.
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