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Each of these initiatives is funded through the HSSI Small Grants Program.


Collaboratives bring together faculty around shared research and scholarship interests, so faculty can learn from and with one another, share ideas and resources, and potentially collaborate on research/scholarly projects. Collaboratives focus on research and/or pedagogy and encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and learning.

  • Community Engaged Scholarship
    Spring and Fall 2023
    Led by Rebecca Som Castellano, Department of Sociology and Amber Warrington, Department of Writing Studies
  • How to Be Fully Human in and Increasingly Virtual World
    Fall 2023
    Led by Stephen Crowley, Department of Philosophy and Edward Ferrier, Department of Philosophy


Seminars provide opportunities for scholars with similar intellectual interests to network and create interdisciplinary communities through regular discussions of common readings or facilitated works-in-progress sessions.

  • Seminar on South Asia
    Spring and Fall 2023
    Led by Meghant Sudan, Department of Philosophy
  • War, Peace, and Society Seminar
    Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
    Led by Lisa Brady, Department of History


Workshops are topically-focused, interdisciplinary gatherings that center the humanities and social sciences and include participants both internal and external to Boise State. These gatherings provide dedicated time for participants to workshop papers for possible publication in an edited volume or special issue of a journal and develop stronger internal and external networks of scholars.

  • Igniting Scholarship in Teaching: A Workshop for Humanities and Social Science Faculty
    Summer 2024
    Led by Michal Temkin Martinez, Department of Linguistics
  • SioC 2024 – AI and the humanities – Seeking Synergy
    Summer 2024
    Led by Ed Ferrier and Stephen Crowley, Department of Philosophy
  • Militarized Landscapes
    Fall 2023
    Led by Lisa Brady, Department of History and Libby Lunstrum, School of Public Service
  • Fertility Trends and Reproductive Decision-Making: A Review of Progress and Proposing Next Steps
    Summer 2023
    Led by Kristin Snopkowski, Department of Anthropology

Summer School

Summer schools provide support for a one- or two-week intensive program on a defined topic for graduate students and junior faculty internal and external to Boise State to engage in interdisciplinary scholarship and learning.

Interdisciplinary Teams Solutions to Wicked Problems – Summer School Planning Grant
Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
Led by Nicole Molumby, Graduate Program Director of Interdisciplinary Studies


Partnerships provide small scale funding for humanities and social science initiatives already established within College of Arts and Sciences.

Seed Grants

Seed grants provide small scale resources to facilitate the development of a new project that centers the humanities and social sciences, whether collaborative or individual. Projects can be research related, pedagogical, or focused on building networks.

  • Animal Histories from South Asia
    Summer 2023
    Niharika Dinkar, Department of Art, Design, and Visual Studies
  • Experience of Afghan Evacuees Settled in Idaho
    Summer and Fall 2023
    Soulit Chacko, Department of Sociology