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Virtual Poster Information

The student poster session has always been the most well-attended session at the conference! This year, posters will be available to view virtually prior to the conference, and conference attendees can ask presenters questions in breakout sessions during the conference. You must register to attend the breakout sessions.

Guidelines for Posters

The following guidelines are provided to assist in your poster preparations. We ask that all poster presenters follow these guidelines.

Before you submit a poster and abstract the mentor MUST approve that the contents are acceptable to appear on an open website. When submitting the poster and abstract you will be asked to confirm this.  There will be no way to display your poster without this approval.

Eligibility: Each student may participate in only one poster. If you work on multiple projects that will be presented, you will have to choose one main poster for which you will be specified as a presenter.

Poster: Every poster will be presented in an online format and templates will be provided online to help guide you in making a poster.

Composition: Poster presentations should be visually appealing. Your poster should be:

  • Understandable, focusing on the “big picture” points and with a minimum of  acronyms, and abbreviations that make it difficult to comprehend.
  • Logically organized into sections with text and graphics that flow from one part to the next. One way to maintain organization is through the use of color, thus using the same color backing behind items in each section.
  • To the point with elements that highlight your work. It is better to emphasize the most important components of your work in a clear and visually appealing way than to make a cluttered presentation. Those who would like to learn more about your work can learn more from you directly or from your handouts.
  • Colorful with well-chosen graphics and color to emphasize key points.

Creating and Presenting Your Research

For information on how to prepare a great poster and give a successful presentation check out the following links:

For any questions, please contact us at

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