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Albertsons Library PLOs

  1. Explain their information need effectively and succinctly
  2. Identify key concepts within their information need
  3. Execute a relevant search on any platform
  4. Acquire and apply research skills to obtain credible sources in their discipline
  5. Modify search strategy if initial attempt is unsuccessful
  6. Differentiate between different types of information sources and the purposes they serve
  7. Assess potential information sources for authority, reliability, and appropriateness
  8. Select appropriate sources for the information need
  9. Integrate sources in order to meet an information need
  10. Organize information and/or data sources
  11. Conduct effective research that fully answers their question or guides them in creating their own analysis
  12. Associate research skills to new situations/needs
  13. Apply information literacy skills to the workplace, and to one’s life