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College of Innovation and Design PLOs

BS in Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of animation. The ability to visualize and create interactive experiences using 2D & 3D animation.
  2.  Demonstrate basic principles of visual design and demonstrate ability to create them.
  3. An ability to employ video and audio production techniques for gaming, storytelling, and virtual reality.
  4. Demonstrate principles of sonic design including creating sound and music for games and interactive experiences.
  5. Demonstrate principles of game design and ability to create computer and mobile games.
  6. Students will identify principles of object oriented programming, design patterns, and coding logic. An ability to programming interactive experiences using C, C#, Javascript, Actionscript, Node.js, Swift. An ability to deploy interactive projects on diverse platforms including desktop, mobile, and internet of things devices.
  7. An ability to create and program physical computing devices and incorporate them into interactive virtual experiences.
  8. Students will apply theories of narrative and storytelling to the creation of interactive environments.
  9. Students will demonstrate collaborative and project management skills by working with other developers in the creation of professional projects.
  10. An ability to find innovative solutions to new and unanticipated problems using solution-oriented thinking, self-directed learning, and when to employ external solutions.  Take initiative to acquire new information and skills as they pertain to the discovery of a solution.
  11.  An understanding of the design process, media affordances, recognizing the importance of iterative processes, prototyping, and user research.