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Associate Professor - Early & Special Education

Jeremy Ford


Dr. Jeremy W. Ford, NCSP, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Early & Special Education at Boise State University. Dr. Ford is a specialist-level trained, nationally certified school psychologist and earned his Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning (Special Education) from The University of Iowa. Dr. Ford has experience working in schools in multiple capacities across kindergarten through high school and beyond. These experiences include: Crisis intervention at an alternative school, teacher assistant for students with intellectual disabilities, school psychologist, professional development trainer, technical assistance provider, and consultant for students with autism. His research interests include: Curriculum-based measurement, explicit instruction, postsecondary transition and education for students with disabilities, Response to Intervention / Multi-tiered Systems of Support, and instructional decision-making.


My scholarship focuses on 1) Supporting students with disabilities to achieve their goals for life after high school and 2) Preparing teachers, and others, to support students with disabilities to do the same. My work as a scholar is easily connected to serving community partners as I serve schools, and schools serve communities. However, my scholarship goes well beyond the walls of schools and even the process of schooling. In order for communities to reach their potential and sustain all of its members, individuals with disabilities need to be meaningfully included. Supporting individuals with disabilities to become scientists, physicians, artists, teachers, etc. positively impacts communities. Supporting individuals with disabilities to become consumers of science and capable of critical literacy allows for communities where all are able to participate as citizens. As a human being I believe we are stronger together, and my scholarship facilitates individuals with disabilities contributing to the building of better communities across a range of partners.

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