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Faculty Resources

Apply for the Faculty Learning Community (for full-time lecturers, researchers, and tenure-line faculty):

With facilitators from the Center for Teaching and Learning, explore developments in digital exhibition techniques and leverage your research or course content to create interactive and immersive exhibitions. (expect 6-18 months for development) 

Request to create a Spotlight (all instructors):

Any instructor can curate exhibition Spotlights from international museum collections to support classroom learning and research. (Requires 4-6 weeks and includes meetings with the director)

Faculty Learning

  1. Scholars 1.0 (part of the faculty learning community) – Learn the Luminary’s content system and develop interactive activities for coursework.
  2. Scholars 2.0 (part of the faculty learning community) – Learn software to design interactive and/or immersive displays for exhibition or research
  3. Scholars 3.0 (part of the Center for Teaching and Learning) – Create installations, interactive content, and panoramic photography with GIMM (expect 6-18 months for development)
Faculty Learning Community
visitor observing art exhibit
Curate a collection
of artwork,
and archives for a
class or event.
piece of artCollaborators among faculty and
students will be
awarded stipends.
visitor interacting with art exhibitSend us your ideas for community
exhibitions and