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Institute for Microelectronics Education and Research

Collaborating with industry and university stakeholders on educational initiatives, workforce development, and areas of cutting-edge research in microelectronics.

Advancing Microelectronics Education and Research

The Institute for Microelectronics Education and Research (MER) works with regional industry to expand microelectronic and semiconductor supply chains and capacity. Targeted investmentsĀ prepare students for careers related to microelectronics, and provide opportunities for them to work closely with faculty on vital research.

The Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) and Science Act, passed and funded by Congress in 2022, presents a once in a generation opportunity for state of Idaho and the Nation. Investments from this act will boost domestic semiconductor research, development, and production, ensuring the United States leads in technology used in everything from mobile phones to defense systems.

Connect with Us

The Institute for Microelectronics Education and Research is a university-wide, multidisciplinary institute that connects government and industry partners with Boise State colleges and departments to:

  • Ensure the success of students from all backgrounds in microelectronics fields.
  • Establish curriculum that is relevant and cutting-edge with innovative pathways.
  • Advance research in microelectronics and STEM education.

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