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All music majors and music minors (including transfer students) must be accepted to the Department of Music by audition.

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Academic Advising for Undergraduate Music Majors and Minors

Advisors are assigned according to your major. Majors with a large number of students are further divided by last name or by specialty, so please be sure to contact the correct advisor. Under each major, you will also find documents that can assist you in planning your progress toward completing a music degree. A degree checksheet lists all the catalog requirements for your major in a grid format that allows you to fill in your completed and planned courses by semester. A suggested course sequence shows a sequence of classes that you could follow to complete the degree in four years. While the exact sequence of classes will vary for each student, the recommended plan shows a roadmap that meets prerequisite requirements and properly arranges courses that are only offered once a year in fall or spring semesters.

Students should know their catalog year (usually the year you entered the university) in order to select the appropriate advising documents. Degree requirements may be different in different catalogs. Catalogs expire after six years—if your catalog has expired, please contact your advisor for help on selecting a current catalog.

Preparing for your Advising Appointment

Advising Information

Transfer and Graduate Student Advising

Advising and approval for transfer adjustments only (go through primary advisor first)

Graduate Advising

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