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Dr. Derek Ganong

About Dr. Derek Ganong

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Originally from the mountains of California, Dr. Derek Ganong is a trumpeter, collaborator, engineer, and educator who is dedicated to breaking down the boundaries between genres, disciplines, audiences, and artists. Derek serves as a mentor for students and an advocate for innovation in higher education through his position as Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Director of Jazz at Boise State University. His responsibilities include directing the jazz area, leading the music production area, serving as executive director for the Gene Harris Jazz Festival, and co-leading a progressive trumpet studio. Derek is at the forefront of brass pedagogy and is regarded as the foremost authority on the trumpet method of the late Laurie Frink. Dr. Ganong holds a Doctorate of Music in Jazz and Classical trumpet from the University of Miami, as well as a Master of Music in Studio Music from NYU, and a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnomusicology and Computational Science from UCLA.

Derek is internationally known for his multifaceted skills and is frequently in demand as a trumpeter with the skills and experiences to perform at the highest level in all musical settings. As a performer, Dr. G has extensive experience in both the symphonic and commercial realms. While a freelancer in South Florida, Derek was a top call for orchestral, chamber, jazz, commercial, and musical theater work. You name it and he has played it! Dr. Ganong has built his career around being able to seamlessly adapt to any style or setting. He can be heard playing the trumpet in all styles, genres, registers, and disciplines across the country. Dr. Ganong is currently the principal trumpet of the Boise Baroque Orchestra, Opera Idaho, and is the Eb Soprano cornet for the Brass Band of the Treasure Valley. As a member of NewStream Brass, The Vice City Brass, and the Brass Institutes of America, Derek is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of brass performance, chamber music, and pedagogy. Derek is in high demand as both a teacher and a performer on film scores, game soundtracks, contemporary solo music, jazz, and everything in between.

Dr. Ganong is also a technologist and oversees the music production area at Boise State University. His broad skills in audio and video production, computer hardware, programming, and project management allow him to engineer and produce projects of any scale. Derek is committed to sharing these skills with his colleagues and students as they will continue to be necessary skills for successful music careers.

Dr. Ganong is committed to the multifaceted nature of the trumpet, and to the ever-broadening scope of professional music careers. Derek is a lifelong learner and a consummate collaborator who is dedicated to being a high-level performer, educator, leader, colleague, and collaborator. #DrG

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