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Katherine Wright, Sole Pera and Michael Ekstrand

Studio portrait of Katherine Landau Wright.
Katherine Wright
Portrait of Sole Pera
Sole Pera
Portrait of Michael Ekstrand
Michael Ekstrand

Katherine Wright, Sole Pera and Michael Ekstrand were awarded a College of Education Civility Grant to work on understanding what would help teachers incorporate more current events into their classroom instruction.

Locating Informational Texts for Engaging Readers And Teaching Equitably (LITERATE) is an interdisciplinary collaboration designed to help teachers meet information needs in classrooms, with an emphasis on texts about current events.

This project partners the People and Information Research team in the Department of Computer Science, headed by Pera and Ekstrand, with Wright’s work with the Literacy Lab to develop and evaluate tools to assist teachers in finding texts for their classrooms, combining technical innovation with real-world impact.