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Michal Temkin Martinez, Tim Thornes

Michal Temkin Martinez and Tim Thornes recently attended the Linguistic Society of America’s annual meeting in Salt Lake City. Ten undergraduate students in the linguistics program also attended.

Portrait of Michal Temkin Martinez.
Michal Temkin Martinez
Studio portrait of Tim Thornes.
Tim Thornes

Temkin Martinez co-taught a faculty development mini course on innovative pedagogies sponsored by the Linguistics in Higher Education Committee of the Linguistics Society of America. She chaired the Committee on Endangered Languages and their Preservation. The committee’s mission is to call attention to the rapid loss of language diversity worldwide as well as encourage the study and documentation of endangered languages.

Thornes participated in an invitational workshop entitled “Enhancing Linguistic Science by Broadening Native American Participation.” The purpose of the workshop was to explore and improve ways that Native American intellectual traditions can better inform the discipline of linguistics to create a more inclusive language science.

On a related note, this workshop culminated in a special session, “Sharing Our Views: Native Americans Speak About Language and Linguistics.” It was the first session of its kind organized and delivered solely by Native American linguists and indigenous language activists.