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Learn How to Use a Desktop Milling Machine at the MakerLab

Want to learn how to use a milling machine? Now, anyone at Boise State can learn. The MakerLab at Albertsons Library will host trainings at 10 a.m. every Friday until the end of the semester. RSVP for the training on Org Sync.

Photo of things made on the CNC machine.
Here are some of the things you could make using the machine.

Starting with an image, or a design, you can carve a three-dimensional object out of aluminum, wood, PCB, foam, wax, bamboo, acrylic —  and so much more. Some even have experimented with etching stone. Users have made name tags, engraved boxes, keychains, gears, words in two-dimensional plates and more.

It’s easy to learn – and anyone can do it.

To review the steps – take a look at the CNC quick guide.