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Lisa Giacumo and Steve Villachica

Portrait of Lisa Giacumo.
Lisa Giacumo
Portrait of Steven W. Villachica
Steve Villachica

The 2017 Association for Educational Communications and Technology was held Nov. 6-11 in Jacksonville, Florida. Boise State University’s Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) faculty presented with students, faculty at other academic institutions and industry partners.

Lisa Giacumo presented on the topic “Mentoring, workplace learning, and performance improvement: Evidence, evaluation, and research methods updates from a multiple studies review,” along with contributing graduate students Jie Chen and Aurora Seguinot Cruz.

Giacumo also presented on “Leading Learning for Change: A Precious Partnership across Cultures.”

Steven W. Villachica presented on “Assessment, instructional design and Bloom’s taxonomy: Exploring ID practice in educational and workplace settings.”

Both Giacumo and Villachica presented on “Big Data Readiness in Organizations: A Co-construction Process to Inform the Next Steps.”

In addition to the above presentations, Giacumo and Villachica served on the association’s design and development competition committee and Giacumo rotated on as the association’s vice-president of professional development as part of the culture, learning and technology division board leadership team.