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Crystal McBrayer

Work by Crystal McBrayer was part of Society for Photographic Education’s (SPE) 6th Annual Combined Caucus Juried Exhibition, curated by Anthony Goicolea, on display March 1-4 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in conjunction with the annual SPE international conference.

The exhibition focuses on contemporary photography that explores the “nexus of traditional handcraft techniques or forms with new and innovative concepts, materials, methods, tools, processes or approaches.”

McBrayer’s works in the exhibition are from her series ruminations on earthen and osseous matter in which she investigates the micro and macro, the internal and external, the grand and the minute – a visual connection of earth and found animal bones. Fascinated by the similar lines and forms created, the pairing of colors and textures, she explores the shared complexities that appear in our internal structure and the makeup of our vast world.

McBrayer's photo collage.