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Nominations Open for Professional Staff of the Year Award

Do you have a colleague who always seems to go above and beyond?  Someone who practices the university’s shared values in every interaction? Someone who works collaboratively outside their own unit to create an inclusive environment for students, faculty and staff?

Nominate that colleague today for the 2018 Professional Staff of the Year Award.  Anyone can nominate.

Criteria for the award include:

  • Full-time employment and a minimum five years of service to the university at time of nomination. The Professional Staff Senate will verify this information with human resources after the nomination has been received.
  • Involvement in campus-wide activities, outside one’s own department.
  • Community service, outside the university, and/or professional organization involvement is considered.
  • Nominee may not be a current member of the Professional Staff Senate.

The nomination process is as follows:

  1. Write a nomination letter.
  2. Seek letters of recommendation from at least three individuals outside the nominee’s department/unit.
  3. Electronically submit nomination form and attachments online.

The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. Friday, March 16.  Send your nominations today to PSA Senate Past President Katie Thomas at