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Apply Now to Redesign Online Course, Create New One

The eCampus Center has openings in its eQIP professional development offerings for summer (eTOS only), fall and next spring. Participation is open to all Boise State instructors who are interested in developing/redeveloping an online course and have the support of their academic departments and colleges to do so.

In the eQIP course development offerings, faculty collaborate with eCampus Center instructional designers to plan and build an online course that is of strategic importance to their department or college. Along the way, faculty aim for their online course design to meet nationally recognized Quality Matters™ standards.

Faculty developers who created courses prior to Fall 2012, may wish to redesign their courses based on the upcoming version of the Quality Matters™ rubric, which will be released July/August 2018.

Upcoming eQIP offerings include the following:

eCampus Course Design and Development Seminar (eCD2S)

For first-time eQIP participants or those who developed courses prior to Fall 2012, this seminar offers expert guidance through the process of creating a new course or redesigning an existing one.

  • Summer 2018 – Full
  • Fall 2018: Sept. 3-Nov 30
  • Spring 2019: Jan. 28-April 26

eCampus Facilitated Course Development (eCD)

For faculty who have already designed a course in eCD2S since Fall 2012. This 8 week professional development opportunity also includes expert guidance for building or redesigning an online course.

  • Summer 2018 – Full
  • Fall 2018: Sept. 17 – Nov. 9
  • Spring 2019: Feb 11-April 12

eCampus Teaching Online Seminar (eTOS)

For faculty who will be teaching online within the next two semesters. This seminar covers best practices for delivering an online course, giving instructors the tools and confidence needed to have a strong online presence in their course. We offer two 6 week sessions per term.

  • Summer 2018: May 14-June 22 or July 2-Aug. 10
  • Fall 2018: Sept. 3-Oct. 12 or Oct. 15-Nov. 30
  • Spring 2019: Jan. 28-March 8 or March 11-April 26

Spring 2018 eQIP Participants

eCampus Course Design and Development Seminar (eCD2S)

Name Course Number Course Title
Negar Chavoshi MHLTHSCI 505 Research Methods in Health Sciences
Jill Chonody SOCWRK 497/597 Active Aging: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Steven Feldstein GLOBAL 101 Conflict, Cooperation & Change
Shaun Gann CJ 104 Introduction to Corrections
Ryan Hulbert PSYC 310 Adolescent and Adult Development
Svetlana Maddox MUS 100 Introduction to Music
Clyde Moneyhun ENGL 401/401G Advanced Nonfiction Writing
Sharon Paterson SOC 361 Sociology Of Work
Eun hye Son ED-LLC 550 Advanced Content Area Literacy
Katherine Wright ED-LLC 542 Best Practices In Literacy Improvement

eCampus Facilitated Course Development (eCD)

Name Course Number Course Title
Amanda Ashley URBAN 297/497 Diversity in the City
Mary Frances Casper PR 201 Intro To Public Relations

eCampus Teaching Online Seminar, Sessions 1 & 2 (eTOS)

Name Course Number Course Title
Margaret Bundy ENGL 202 Introduction to Technical Communication
Kimberly Burns COMM 364 Verbal Communication
Ed DeYoung GEOG 460 Intro to Geographic Information Systems
Esther Enright ED-CIFS 5XX Self-Study for Reflective Practitioner
Gail Fyanes HLTHST 382 Research Methods in Health
Jeremy Graves MDS 410 Case Studies in Leadership
Patrick Guzzle HLTHST 304 Public Health
Amanda Horn MDS 493 Internship
Ruth Jebe BUSMGT 364 Business Ethics, Responsibility & Sustainability
Cheryl Jorcyk GENCOUN 510 Principles of Human Genetics
Renee Kiourkas RESPCARE 445 Patient Advocacy & Ethical Considerations
April Kolman UF 100 Intellectual Foundations
Ryan Marquez ACCT 597 Accounting for Income Taxes
Karen Nicholas BUSMGT 420 Managing Innovation and Change
Paul Nuccio RESPCARE 445 Patient Advocacy & Ethical Considerations
Julia Oxford GENCOUN 511 Developmental Anatomy
Uwe Reischl HLTHST 202 Health Delivery Systems
Karsten Roberts RESPCARE 440 Senior Theory: Advanced Concepts
David Scott ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing
Gayla Smutny HLTHST 382 Research Methods in Health
Terri Soelberg GENCOUN 545 Research Methods and Statistics
Bryan Taylor BUSMGT 360 Leadership and High Performing Teams
Taylor Thompson KINES 140 Personal Health
Anne Walker ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
Jessica Wells CJ 425 Research Methods
Angela Windfield MDS 495 Capstone for Multidisciplinary Studies
Alan Zenkert ED-CIFS 5XX Mentoring in Education

Quality Matters™ Peer Reviews (QMPR)

Name Course Number Course Title
Helen Barnes BAS 305 Introduction to the Applied Sciences
Susie Bergeron MHLTHSCI 535 Ethics and Health Policy
Franzi Borders GERMAN 102 Elementary German II
Kim Carter-Cram GENDER 480 Special Topics: French Feminist Theory
Cheryl Doran ED-ESP 260 Special Education Policies and Procedures
Gundy Kaupins HRM 305 Human Resource Management
Yvette Mere-Cook ED-ESP 559 Collaboration and Leadership
Clyde Moneyhun ENGL 204 Writing Creative Nonfiction
Guy Prouty ANTH 101L Lab for ANTH 101
Trina Sego MKTG 301 Principles of Marketing
Karina Smith ACAD 102 Academic Recovery and Success
Darlene Travis IMGSCI 402 Comprehensive Analysis on Radiation Protection
Lori Watsen SOCWRK 597 – Medical Social Work in Healthcare
Rulon Wood COMM 261 Multimedia Storytelling