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Current Accessibility Initiatives at Boise State

IT Accessibility Committee

A new, IT Accessibility Committee is charged with developing and overseeing the coordination on IT accessibility initiatives. This committee represents a broad range of functional areas and addresses academic, research, and administrative concerns and needs. Several initiatives are being developed through this committee including:

  • An accessible procurement process
  • An awareness campaign
  • Creation of IT Accessibility Liaison
  • Recommendations for creating accessible content

Web Content Accessibility Digital Micro-Certification Badging

Boise State’s Office of Information Technology recently launched a new initiative for creating accessible web content. The Web Content Accessibility Micro-Certification Badge is a free professional development opportunity for all eligible Boise State employees. The course is available in a flexible online format and designed to meet the needs of WordPress site administrators and web content editors to draft, edit, publish, and remediate accessible web content. For more details see Web Content Accessibility Micro-Certification Badge. Web Redesign

A large-scale project is currently underway to modernize the web infrastructure and web design. We are incorporating best practice at every level in an effort to create a system is accessible to all users. Content contributors will be trained to use the system so that accessibility issues are not introduced through content, and we will continue to monitor and test the site in order to proactively find and fix new issues. The new system will be rolled out starting in the Summer of 2018. See Redesign Projects for more information.

To learn more about Boise State’s commitment to accessibility and what you can do to help, see Accessibility Campus Initiatives.