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Donor Support Helped Drive 15 years of Campus Growth

Donor investments in capital projects, coupled with a blueprint for success, will be a legacy forever cemented in the history of Boise State University under the leadership of President Bob Kustra.

The university now has several new buildings dedicated to academic excellence in business, science, engineering, the arts and student life. Several athletic facilities also were expanded during Kustra’s tenure. Thanks in part to the generosity of alumni and donors, the Boise State campus footprint has grown with $400 million in new facilities since 2003, with more construction projects under way.

Because of investments in the Division of University Advancement, the university has significantly increased its relationships with alumni and donors, many who have funded growth at Boise State. Many of these donors also contributed toward the success of the university’s first comprehensive capital campaign, Destination Distinction, where gifts and pledges for facilities and programs surpassed $185.4 million when the campaign ended in 2011. The single-purpose Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Opportunities scholarship campaign wrapped up in 2017 totaling more than $52 million, more than doubling the campaign’s original goal.

“President Kustra’s ingenuity and forethought, paired with his understanding of the importance of community partnerships, has inspired many donors and alumni to support his bold vision for the benefit of Boise State, our city and our region,” said Laura C. Simic, vice president for advancement. “Bob pushed the envelope in imagining what the university could be and energized all of us, internally and externally, to make it happen. You can see the results on campus and in downtown Boise today.”

Here are a few of the facilities that donors helped build.