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New Features in G Suite at Boise State University

Google recently added several new features and made improvements to G Suite.

Some of the highlights include:

Know when everyone has declined an event

Did you schedule a meeting that has low attendance? Google Calendar will let you know if everyone declined by flagging the event so you can cancel or reschedule.

Learn more about declined event notifications.

New features in Google Docs Activity dashboard

You can now email collaborators through the dashboard and see how many times a document has been viewed over time.

Learn more about seeing document views in the dashboard.

If you are unfamiliar with the Activity dashboard, you can read all about it on the G Suite blog.

Improvements to Quizzes in Google Forms

Quiz answer suggestions, autocomplete answers, automatic grading of certain question types, YouTube video feedback and more are helping to make quizzes easier to create and use in Forms.

Learn more about improves to quizzes in Google Forms.

Copy a site in the new Google Sites

The new version of Google Sites allows you to copy an existing site, rather than starting from scratch! You can create Site templates, and then copy them to quickly create new Sites.

Learn more about copying Google Sites.

Improved slide layouts in Google Slides

In addition to the improved layouts, it’s now easier to adjust and position objects, images and text boxes.

Learn more about improved slide layouts.

Need Assistance?

Visit the Office of Information Technology’s website to learn more about the G Suite of applications available at Boise State.

If you have questions or want more information, contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or