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Program Supports Faculty in Online Course Design and Teaching

Accounting Information Systems (Accounting 350), Drugs and Crime (Criminal Justice 303), History of Twentieth Century European Art (ARTHIST 302), and The Psychology of Health (PSYC 331) are among the courses that faculty designed and developed for online delivery through Boise State’s Summer 2018 eCampus Quality Instruction Program (eQIP).

More than 44 individuals, listed below, participated in eQIP professional development offerings to build and/or improve their fully online course or polish their online teaching skills.

Available through the eCampus Center each semester, eQIP has “seats” available in the following upcoming offerings:

eCampus Teaching Online Seminar (eTOS)

For faculty who will be teaching online within the next two semesters and have access to a fully developed online course site, this seminar covers best practices for delivering an online course.

  • Fall 2018: Sept. 3-Oct. 12 or Oct.15-Nov. 30
  • Spring 2019: Jan. 28-March 8 or March 11-April 26
  • Summer 2019:  May 20-June 28 or July 8-Aug. 16

eCampus Course Design and Development Seminar (eCD2S)

For first-time eQIP participants or those who developed courses prior to Fall 2012, this seminar offers expert guidance through the process of creating a new course or redesigning an existing one to teach online.

  • FULL – Fall 2018: Sept. 3-Nov. 30
  • Spring 2019: Jan. 28-April 26
  • Summer 2019: May 27-Aug. 16

eCampus Facilitated Course Development (eCD)

For faculty who have designed a course in eCD2S since Fall 2012, this offering also includes expert guidance for building or redesigning an online course.

  • FULL – Fall 2018: Sept. 17-Nov. 9
  • Spring 2019: Feb.11-April 12
  • Summer 2019: June 17-Aug. 9

Summer 2018 eQIP Participants

eCampus Course Design and Development Seminar (eCD2S)

Name Course Number Course Title
Deb Carter ED-ESP 517 School-wide Behavior Support Systems
Shannon Dunstan ED-ESP 358 Students with Severe Disabilities
Esther Enright ED-CIFS 597 Self-Study for the Reflexive Practitioner
Karen Godard NURS 430 Nursing Care Of Vulnerable Population: Child Maltreatment In Healthcare
Emily Jones HONORS 390 Proposals and Purpose Statements
Jennifer Laude PSYC 331 The Psychology of Health
Mandy McDaniel MATH 149 Precalculus: Functions For Business
Dan Rush ITM 310 Business Intelligence
Jessica Wells CJ 303 Drugs And Crime

eCampus Facilitated Course Development (eCD)

Name Course Number Course Title
Ryan Baxter ACCT 350 Accounting Information Systems
Craig Peariso ARTHIST 302 History Of Twentieth Century European Art
Dawn Shepherd ENGL 102 Introduction to College Writing and Research
Vicki Stieha OPWL 535 Principles of Adult Learning

eCampus Teaching Online Seminar, Session 1 and 2 (eTOS)

Name Course Number Course Title
Janet Atkinson MDS 300 Communicating Universally
Erin Barney MEDIA 301 Multimedia Storytelling
Robert Casper Jr MEDIA 301 Multimedia Storytelling
Allen Hartt ACCT 518 International Financial Reporting
Julie Heithecker ITM 310 Business Intelligence
Cheryl Hindrichs ENGL 110 Literature And Ideas
John Lampignano IMGSCI 408 Sectional Anatomy in Imaging
Jennifer Laude PSYC 331 The Psychology of Health
Palina Louangketh PUBH 365 Quality Improvement & Performance Management
Liam Maher BUS 301 Leadership Skills
Michael Markley ENGL 202 Introduction to Technical Communication
Gena Nelson ED-ESP 332 Language Arts For Students With Disabilities
Ashley Orme DISPUT 390 Conflict Management
Lee Parton ECON 333 Natural Resource Economics
Kathleen Romito GENCOUN 541 Professional Issues II
Stela Saltaga COMM 341 Nonverbal Communication
Ellen Schafer PUBH 342 Health Education and Promotion Methods
Corey Simpson UF 100 Intellectual Foundations
Danielle Swerin CJ 317 Juvenile Justice
Ryan Vasso COID 297 Intro to the Garage
Carissa Wilcox ACAD 101 Academic Success at Boise State
Revital Zilonka ED-LLC 200 Cultural Diversity in the School

Quality Matters™ Peer Reviews (QMPR)

Name Course Number Course Title
Diane Boothe ED-LLC 501/599 Culturally Diverse Learners
Steven Feldstein GLOBAL 101 Conflict, Cooperation & Change
Jeremy Ford ED-ESP 541 Secondary Transition
Jeremy Ford ED-ESP 549 Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
Lane Gillespie CJ 304 Overview Of Victimization
Alan Russell KINES 427 Advanced Athletic Therapy

eCampus Support Projects

Name Course Number Course Title
Christopher Innes PHIL 102 Classics of Western Philosophy
Tracie Lee BUSSTAT 208 Business Analytics
Matthew Recla UF 100 Intellectual Foundations