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Steven Olsen-Smith and Elisa Barney Smith

Steven Olsen-Smith

Steven Olsen-Smith, Department of English, and Elisa Barney Smith, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, published a digital text analysis of Herman Melville’s marginalia in The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare with Boise State University alumni Christopher Ohge, Institute for English Studies at University of London, in Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies 20.2 (June 2018). The essay is part of a larger cluster of computer-assisted analyses guest-edited for the issue by Ohge and Olsen-Smith, including articles on Melville’s marginalia to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and The Poetical Works of John Milton.

The following Boise State University English majors are also listed as joint authors: Adam Brimhall, Bridget Howley, Lisa Shanks and Lexy Smith (Shakespeare analysis); Marcus Blandford, Cyrus Garner and Kenzington Price (Homer analysis). Barney Smith contributed computational resources used in all three of the analyses. Methodologically unprecedented in the study of marginalia and reading evidence, the essay cluster will be discussed by Ohge and Olsen-Smith in a forthcoming web blog with Brian Shea of the Johns Hopkins University Press.