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Seth Ashley – Idaho Business Review

Seth Ashley recently was quoted in an Idaho Business Review article, “Hold the presses: an Idaho newspaper is growing.”

An excerpt: Seth Ashley, an associate professor in the department of communication at Boise State University, said he is encouraged by the Idaho Press’ growth. “I find it promising that they are investing in their product and their staff at a time when most outlets are contracting and some are disappearing altogether,” Ashley said. “Investing in the reporting staff — which provides the bread and butter of their product — has been a successful strategy for others who have gone that route, much more so than cutting staff to the bone as others have done. Readers notice, and some have reported turning away from their local outlets due to a decline in quality. I hope the Idaho Press expansion is successful and encourages others to do the same. The last thing we need is for the Treasure Valley to become yet another news desert.”