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Vanessa Crossgrove Fry

Vanessa Crossgrove Fry was quoted in a recent Idaho Press article about eviction rates and homelessness. “Boise’s boom sparks questions of elevated eviction rates” looked at Boise’s increasingly tight housing market, rising rents and how eviction impacts the lives of the evicted.

“When we look across the country where we see low vacancy rates, that’s where we see higher rates of eviction because the landlords have a desire to have people in there that are paying on a regular basis,” said Fry. “Because there’s a high demand, they can be selective and get someone in there that would be able to make the payments.”

Fry also discussed this subject with Boise State Public Radio. The October 2 Idaho Matters piece, “Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty Caused By Eviction,” discussed ways to break the cycle of poverty and home insecurity caused by evictions.