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Boise State Rolls Out New Transfer Program for College of Southern Idaho Students

Students pose at a launch event
Carolina Zamudio, second from right, poses at the BroncoConnect launch event.

Boise State University and the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) rolled out their new transfer program, BroncoConnect at CSI, on Oct. 3. BroncoConnect is a renewed commitment between Boise State and CSI to support transfer students in the Magic Valley so they can achieve their educational goals. The program provides students transferring from CSI guaranteed admission to Boise State after completion of an associate’s degree, along with priority registration, a dedicated Boise State transfer enrollment counselor and other benefits.

Carolina Zamudio, CSI student body president and a future Boise State business major, shared her excitement about BroncoConnect at CSI: “I’m excited to pursue my education and get my bachelor’s,” she said. “I want to do more. I want to get involved and run for student body president at Boise State.”

Zamudio and more than 40 of her CSI classmates signed up for BroncoConnect during the Oct. 3 event. 

Students standing at an info table
College of Southern Idaho students learn about BroncoConnect at the launch event.

The launch also was an opportunity to strengthen the university’s relationship with the Magic Valley community by addressing needs voiced by community leaders, as well as an opportunity to begin acting on recommendations that came from the Idaho Higher Education Task Force in 2017.

Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar explained how BroncoConnect will help his city reach objectives set out in its strategic plan. “As I’m learning more about BroncoConnect, I think it is a great opportunity to allow young people and even nontraditional learners to stay present in the community, to build their life here,” Barigar said, noting that residents also will “have that connection that, as they transition to the next steps in their life, can be smooth and seamless and as easy as possible to tap into those broad resources that Boise State offers.”

Additional growth in Boise State offerings, such as the subscription-based tuition program Passport to Education, will increase these resources for students in the Magic Valley and beyond.

Boise State has increased efforts to recruit and serve students in the Magic Valley area, nearly doubling the number of residents in the region pursuing a Boise State degree. The expansion of Boise State’s online programs have provided additional ways for Magic Valley residents to access educational opportunities. Fully online courses allow residents to remain in their home communities, thereby enhancing the area’s economic and social vitality. Boise State continues to offer in-person programs on the CSI campus, which have taken place since 1995.

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To be a part of Boise State’s efforts in the Magic Valley, to request additional information, or to share ideas on how to impact Magic Valley students, contact Sean Hunter at