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Kathy Araujo

Photo of Kathy Araujo
Kathy Araujo, Director of the Energy Policy Institute

The expertise of the Director of the Energy Policy Institute (EPI) Kathy Aruajo recently was featured in an article by National Geographic about energy transitioning with the Green New Deal proposal. An excerpt from the article follows:

“A common concern is that the kind of major energy transition the resolution sets out couldn’t happen as fast as it proposes—in ten years or less. But other countries have made swift, drastic changes to their energy mixes, says Kathleen Araújo, an energy policy expert at Boise State University in Idaho. France, for instance, shifted from only 10 percent low-carbon to 65 percent in just one decade, between 1975 and 1985, by turning on many nuclear power plants, which many experts say may be a critical part of the clean energy transition. And Denmark made a similar dramatic turn toward wind power since the 1980s, which now supplies more than 40 percent of their energy—in a move driven in part by scientists, industry associations and local communities, rather than the government.”

Read the full article here: What can a Green New Deal learn from other countries?